Digital Art Workshops


Tunnel of Love - Southbank Love Festival

In the session the participants created characters and wore costumes to create a moving portrait. Gif frames were designed to highlight their character.


Digital Portrait - Allsorts (workshops for adults with learning disabilities)

In the session participants took photos using an iPad and designed a digital background for their portrait.


Become an Emoji - Wellcome Collection Friday Late Spectaculars, Feeling Emotional

Participants were asked to become an emotion from The Book of Human Emotions by Tiffany Watt Smith with the help of performance artists Tilley Millburn and Del the Pig. They were invited to then act out their emotion inside a giant mobile phone as an emoji in a text message. A photo was taken on their own phone. 


Nodding DJ Gods - Squidz Club, a club for 10 - 24 year olds with learning disabilities.

Participants created a 3D nodding head of their DJ persona which was projected large at a club event.


Scanner Faces:

Here is a face made with a scanner, using screwed up tissue, quick example for FIND A FACE MAKE A FACE, session 3 .