Tools to Make Video & Modul8


You don’t need to be pros when making visuals. There are so many apps on smart phones and tablets that can do all the tricky post production effect. Below are some examples but have a look for yourself… there are lots!



Exporting your videos:

**IMPORTANT The software we use runs best with Quicktime .MOV files… not .mv4. The latest iMovie only exports to .mv4 so you’ll need to convert your clips. This is VERY important and will eat into your soundcheck time to try out videos if we have to convert them for you.

Video Tutorials - how to export out a .MOV from iMovie


How we will use your videos on the night

We will be using a VJ software called Modul8. This software allows up to 5 layers to be shown at once. This could mean you can have 5 videos at the same time on each screen. It could also mean that you can layer videos and images on top of each other to create live compositions. Here’s a video demonstrating what it can do… but don’t worry there will be an expert there on the night to do it for you!

The video below can guide you to learn more about it - if you choose - but skip to 3:07 to see the basics to know what is capable. For example, the most simplest request is to fade from one image/video to another at a certain point in someone sets.